What Beard Oil They Actually Have in Store

Nice try Walgreen’s but I’m not falling for your lazy attempt at making a manly product. While you’ve been good to me in the past by supplying me with 3 choices of cereal on Christmas day when everything else was closed and I suddenly needed Fruity Pebbles (which you didn’t have – what kind of sociopath eats plain Cheerios…) this is the last straw.

These products are packaged in what I can only describe as a plastic diaper, the reason quality beard oil comes in a dark GLASS container is because it keeps the ingredients in their purest form longer and protects them from light damage.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Well it say’s 25 on it, has to be good right?”, nah. They just grabbed a small amount of ingredients that they thought everyone might want and added them to the true bulk of the mixture which is a cheap filler (shea butter or almond oil).

I challenge you to go down there and see for yourself on one condition, you smack the store manager for insulating us. Once you’re done with that then come back to my site (or get it over with now) and buy the one I recommend. I built this site for a reason, to save you from making the biggest man hair mistake of your life. My beard approves of this message.

Conditioner 25

Deep Conditioner 25

Wash 35

Daily Wash 35

Oil 25

Oil 25

Balm 25 Medium

Balm 25 Fine & Coarse

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