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Well look what we have here, another large corporation throws it’s had into the “who can carry the crappiest beard oil race”. We all know from my previous post that Walmart is clearly in the lead but let’s dive into evil empire that is Target and see how they measure up. Something tells me just by the fact they are confused by their lady bathrooms and if I feel exhausted from eating a small cow that I can use the sit down to pee bathroom… This is going to be a close race.


Maestro's BalmAnother gem of a product, I almost fell for it with a logo that either resembles a husky Zeus or the guy from Fraiser but then I flipped it over. After I read that the product is recommended for dry, oily, regular and sensitive skin; I knew it was a crap product. I don’t know about you but I’ve tried to use an ex’s sugar scrub on the good ole private’s and ended up fan drying them for 2 hours until the hives went down. Don’t tell me that one product can work with all types and check out their “legitimate” review below (That’s sarcasm just in case you missed it).

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Maestro's Reviews


PacinosNow let’s get into their flagship product, the front runner for below average on every level. Let’s first start by reiterating that REAL beard oils don’t come in recycled Loreal make bottles, they come in awesome little glass containers. I don’t care how great your product is, by packaging it in something that is going to leak plastic toxins in it and decay at the first exposure to light you’re telling me that I’m too stupid to know that you’re skimping on your packaging. The fake reviewer on targets site comment at how great it smells, it’s unscented and a horrible product. Next!


Bulldog Original ProductsI can’t figure this one out, they go so lost in their branding campaign that they actually look like a product for dogs. So by all means if you have one of those dogs with the crazy dreadlocks then get this for them but don’t put this junk on your face.


Now if you’ve learned anything from our time together then you know that the big box stores carry dumpster quality products. Your best bet is to go with every recommendation I make on men’s facial hair products.

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