Looking for the most up to date list of the best beard styles in 2017 then you’ve come to the right place and if you’re here by mistake then you are also welcome because you probably need to fix that dysfunctional thing you call a beard.

Short Beard Styles


Classic look best made by a trimmer rather then just growing it out. stubble beard
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Thick Sideburns w/ Stubble

Sideburns are longer than your short stubble beard. think sideburns stubble beard
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Lined Stubble

Using strait razor you line up your cheeks. lined stubble beard
Image via girlsaskguys.com

No Maintenance

The lazy man look, this is just going completely unmaintained as it grows. lazy beard
Image via nonohairremovalx.com

Blended Cheek

Using the correct guard, trim towards the floor, making the cheeks hair thinner than the chin. blended cheek beard
Image via beardstyle.net


"Tony Stark"
Disconnected goatee, you'll need to shave a sport between your mustache and chin. balbo beard tony stark
Image via Pinterest.com

Chin Curtain

Clean shaved face with chin hair only which can be long or short. curtain beard
Image via ruggedrebels.com


Full facial hair with the chin completely shaved. muttonchops
Image via beard.org.in

Goat Patch

Man-sized version of the soul patch. goat patch beard
Image via pinterest.com

Horseshoe Mustache

"Hulk Hogan Mustache"
The ultimate American symbol, goatee with the chin shaved off. Horseshoe moustache
Image via siouxcityjournal.com


Old school cut used to scare kids, only grow out your neck hair and shave the rest. neckbeard
Image via tumblr.com

Pencil Mustache

A thin mustache that you make by using a razor to thin to your liking. pencil moustache
Image via coolmenshair.com


Straight sideburns. sideburns elvis
Image via howretro.com

Soul Patch

Can be clean shaved or with stubble. soul patch
Image via huffingtonpost.com

Toothbrush Mustache

Only keep the mustache hair under your nose and shave the rest. toothbrush moustache
Image via atozhairstyles.com

Van Dyke beard

Grow a long chin beard and shave a gap between your mustache to break the goatee. van dyke beard
Image via dmarge.com

Walrus Mustache

"Sam Elliott"
Overgrown mustache that would be impossible to eat with. walrus moustache
Image via me.askmen.com

The Zappa

Thick soul patch with a full mustache. the zappa
Image via http://flavorwire.com

5 O'Clock Shaddow

How you look 12 hours after shaving. 5 o clock shaddow

Classic Short

Short cut with the same length all around. classic short beard
Image via birchbox.com

Chin Strap w/ Mustache

Line the cheeks to make them thinner and complete with a full mustache. chin strap with mustache
Image via theodysseyonline.com


Classic chin hair attached to mustache. goatee
Image via wennermedia.com

Pencil Goatee

Using a razor thin the size of the entire goatee. pencil goatee
Image via wahl.com

Patchy Goatee

Regular goatee with stubble. patchy goatee
Image via machohairstyles.com

Short & Thick

Very dense short cut with the same length. short thick beard
Image via menshairforum.com

Outlined Beard

Low lined cheeks, use a razor to do this. outlined beard
Image via quora.com

Grizzly Short

Unmaintained and textured with a product. grizzly short
Image via hairstylesmen101.com

Handlebar Mustache w/ Stubble

Thick or thin handlebar with stubble. handlebar mustache with stubble
Image via trendy-hairstyles-for-men.com

The Fade

Fade hair cut that blends into the beard of any size. fade beard
Image via alphahairstyles.com


Full face that is disconnected from the sideburns. Hollywoodian style Beard
Image via pinterest.com
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