How Long Does A Bottle of Beard Oil Typically Last?

Drops Per Day Bottle Will Last Use
3 6 Months + Daily
5 3 Months Daily
10 1.5 Months Daily
15 30 Days Daily
It all depends on your need and frequency of use, if you just started growing a beard then you can use it sparingly to keep your hair healthy as it grows but If you have a grizzly beard that could conceal a small weapon then you’re going to need to load up. Your daily amount should be relatively high in the beginning to get that monster beard under control.

How Long Does Beard Oil Last On Your Hair?

The typical person see’s the effect and invigorating aroma of Beard oil last anywhere from 3 – 5 Hours after application. If this is your first time using it or your facially hair is fairly dry you will notice the oil get absorbed into your hair and skin at a quicker rate. This is a great, this means your body is taking in all the nutrients and essential oils that it needs to produce a healthier MAN beard.

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