If you’ve made it this far then you’re probably asking yourself, can I really use eucalyptus oil for beard growth? The short answer is ehhh, No. You’re going to find conflicting reports from individuals who say that it has worked wonders for them and others who claim their beard actually looks worse. The best thing you can do is what I did, educate yourself.

What Does Eucalyptus Oil Do?

It has two major benefits to it, the first being that it acts as an anti-fungal and if you know anything about skin and how it works these are great for not only treating any current infections of the skin but also preventing them. The second being that it has anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve skin irritations and flareups that can inhibit hair growth.

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How Much Does It Actually Help Hair Growth?

Very minimally, you won’t hear a “Truthful” dramatic story about how a guy was a loser with three chin hairs and started using eucalyptus oil and everything changed. For dramatic results you’re going to want to use a product like Minoxidil, it’s the only thing that will have that much of an impact and take you from average beard status to lumberjack. Don’t get me wrong this is a great thing to have in your beard oil or balm but don’t think your facial clout will change because of it. It will be a supplement to help overall skin health and keep a good environment for growing.

In conclusion, don’t buy the hype because it’s just that. It’s a great ingredient and that’s all it is.


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