Is Shaving Making Your Beard Grow Even Faster?

Well I hate to break it to you and probably make you lose the bet you had with your friend about this but the answer is NO. 

There has never been any scientific evidence other than bro science that has been able to the frequency you cut your hair follicles and the increased speed of hair growth.

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So why does it seem like this has to be true? Why did you probably bet shaving and beard growthyour life on this wide spread myth? Well it’s probably because the arch of your maturity aligned with a decreased time between shaving intervals or simply, you went through puberty and thought holy crap I’m shaving more and more every year. The truth is body and facial hair take longer to mature than something easy to identify like your height for instance. It’s easy to look back and remember you stopped growing in 7th grade but if you look back at the time and think you had a healthy beard then you’re wrong. Go back and look in pictures and you’ll be embarrassed for even calling the mess a beard.

Finally there are two ways that you can increase your beard growing rate, nutrition/supplementation and skin care.

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