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Best Gifts For Guys With Beards

Beard Gifts!

While there should be an international holiday called "Beard Day" where every man with a beard get's showered with gifts and those without have to watch with envy. Until that day comes you're just going to have to use special days to shower that special beard in your life. Here is a list of great gifts you can get that special someone, me...

1. Beard Oil

These wonderful little bottles of miracle juice work amazingly on a rough and rugged man beard. Whether you're in the fetus stage of growing it or you've been at it for years these potions keep it growing strong. Note - Now they come in delicious flavors like apple pie.

2. Beard Balm

This is a great one to throw in a man's goody bag because they are easy to travel with. You won't be mistaken for a terrorist trying to smuggle something in one of the dark colored glass bottles that the oil's come in and they help make a kickass beard.

3. Lap Dance

While I don't have an affiliate product to sell you off of this idea I wish I did. I think it's just a great point to add to the conversation, appreciate your bearded man. Shower him with goodies as well as your goodies.

In conclusion, you can't go wrong with either gift idea so make sure you don't... get him something. For more beard tips visit our homepage.

Man That Uses Leave In Beard Conditioner

Leave In Conditioner For Beards

The Best Leave In Conditioner For Your Beard

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in ConditionerHonest Amish Balm

Honest Amish makes a great all natural leaving in conditioner and balm. While it claims to be Vegan friendly which doesn't seem to make much man sense to me and shouldn't matter, has that too. A ton of great stuff like
pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil and a crap ton of nut butters

beard bolt xl beard cream2. Delta Genesis Beard Bolt XL

While it may sound a little hipster and dorky it actually works very well. While it doesn't claim to have all the thrill ingredients that Amish does but it works deceivingly well. I got this balm as a gift and thought "what a horrible gift" at first but it remains to one of all time favorites. Now I might be bias because it was one of the first beard balms I slapped on my face but I still think it kicks ass.


3. Smooth Viking Beard BalmSmooth Viking Beard Cream

Well first off what a killer name, who doesn't want to be a little more viking like in life. The good thing about this one is that it's one of the least greasy ones on the market. Sometimes living in Arizona I won't waste time with certain brands in the summer because the heat just make you feel like a greasy Italian mobster. Not the look I'm going for, I want a clean look that makes women creep. Solid choice my friends!


Local Stores That Sell Beard Oil

Beard Oil Near Me

Where You Can Find Beard Oil Near You!

1. Walgreens

2. Target

3. Walmart

4. Macy's

5. CVS

While beard oils are growing in popularity you're here because you ran into the same problem that I didn't, where in the hell do I buy them... While the best quality beard products are online you've made it to this point because you're just as impatient as I am and you're willing to buy a less than steller product locally and buy one online to get the best of both worlds. The instant gratification and a better product on the way!

Above is a list of stores that at the time I found ACTUALLY had the products in the store and not an only available on the web trick.

Hobo Beard Oil Review - Quality or Crap?

Does Hobo Make a Good Beard Oil & Balm?

Hobo Beard OilHobo has done a great job of getting some of the best ingredients that you would want in a oil & balm without the greasy side effect that you can sometimes get from mixing oils. Like any product that contains jojoba and almond oil you can guarantee that you will love the way your beard feels after the first time you oil up. While they lack the extensive selection that some of the other top companies have don't let that scare you away, it's been my experience that sometimes the quality gets lost when a company's pure focus is increasing the quantity of products so they appeal to a larger market. Hobo Beard Oil Bundle Pack

Bundle Your Beard Products

With one of the least expensive bundle/holiday packs you can appreciate the fact that they
don't up charge you per product when you buy one of their bulk packs. As you learned in our article on beard oil for hair growth a bundle pack is a perfect solution for anyone wanting to create a face that is ripe for growing the best beard on the block. Especially with the quality of ingredients that Hobo puts into each of their products.