Beard Wax VS Beard Balm

Let me first start by making the critical distinction that will make you easily understand which is the right one for you then I'll go into detail about each and the pro's/con's. Simply put, beard wax should only be used if you are trying to pull off a look that demands an incredible hold, I'm talking the level of a beard competition (I'll post a picture below of a crazy beard competition where they use beard wax).  Beard balm gives you the ability to create a more textured look with your beard without the drawbacks of a gunky wax.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying waxes are bad but I don't think they have a place in everyday beard care. Unless you're trying to enter a competition and you need to work on your beard art daily or you've joined some goth beard club at school. I think your best bet is always to stick to a balm, it's going to cause less damage to your hair and give you a smoother overall look. If you're here by mistake and you're actually looking for beard oil then check out my post on the best beard oils.

Beard Wax

To give you a specific relation if you've never used a wax before (I don't know when you would unless you went through that dreadlocks phase during the grunge years) it's creates the hold of a extra strong hair spray. Although there is a better consistency than dumping a half gallon of hair spray on your face, there is a gunkyness that comes along with any wax.

It's available in different scents like most beard products but it's got less of a punch to it as compared to beard oils. The carrier oil/agent in these products will vary for the most part but you'll find a lot of them are made with beeswax. I've heard a lot of people talk about how great it is for protection against the rain and harsh weather but at one point during a blizzard do you give a crap about what your beard looks like...

Beard Balm

Ahh beard balm the beautiful crossbreeding of beard wax & oil, it's basically the donkey of the beard kingdom. I say that in a very positive way (I probably should of said unicorn instead but..). This is my favorite type of product when my beard gets to a certain point, when it reaches the length that it starts to get a mind of it's own then this is great for getting it to shape exactly how you want.

They usually go light with the beeswax which is also typically found in a balm and still retain most of the effects. Now you wont be able to walk on stage at a beard competition with just using a beard balm but you can get the serious hold without the gunky mess.

How To Apply Beard Wax or Balm

Now here's the trick of it all, don't you dare try to just slap this on the outside of your beard and try to finger it through, you're not going to get the full effects. You're going to need a great beard comb or brush, if you have no idea what I'm talking about then visit my post to understand what the best beard brush is for you.

Here's a quick rundown on how I apply it:

Step 1 - Get a thumbnail size amount in your palm.

Step 2 - Massage into the outside of your beard.

Step 3 - Dip your comb or brush into your balm thereby coating the tips.

Step 4 - Bush your beard out.

Do I really Ever Need A Wax?

I think they are great for really making a statement or Halloween parties but unless you have an incredible beard that people would pay money to see then probably not. On the other hand it gives you something to shoot for, I mean who doesn't want to look like the guy from 300 (He uses a beard wax to get that look).

300 Movie Beard
Image via

Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Let's get one strait while there are a ton of benefits to Jamaican Black Castor oil, hair growth isn't one of them. There are a TON of benefits of which I'll list below as well as the best protocol to use but I'm amazed by how many people think that products like this alone will make you grow more hair. Don't get me wrong, if you have a chemical imbalance, dry/unhealthy skin or clogged pores then yes you will absolutely see a dramatic difference in the quality and fullness of your hair but that has more to do with an imbalance in your body than the castor oil working magic. Visit our homepage for more facial hair remedies.

Jamaican Black vs Regular

Other than the obvious one color, there are a few major differences that matter. The lighter versions of the oil are said to be "purer" do to the fact that it's cold pressed. JB on the other hand isn't cold pressed, it's actually roasted castor seeds that are ground then boiled. So the real question is who do you trust? Because it's obvious that the pure oil has gone through a better process of extraction but the Jamaican process has such a cult following that people swear by. I'll be honest, in my opinion always go with the better processed product no matter how good the trendy one sounds.

Jamaican black vs regularWhat Are The Benefits

Treats Dry Hair

Due to the high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids it makes a option for treating dry scalps and moisturizing the hair.

Prevents Hair Loss

Keeps the hair & hair follicles happy and healthy preventing any excessive hair loss which is most often due to unhealthy hair root and growing environments.

Skin Cleansing

Full of vitamin E oil, it reduces inflammation and therefore keeping the amount of clogged pores and blackheads to a minimum.


It's an anti-fungal which means it's a great natural remedy for any acne that stems from bacterial issues.

My advice is to give it a try but don't expect a dramatic difference, there a ton of more qualified products for hair and beard health.

Beard Oil Shoppers Drug Mart

Well Canada you've done it, I thought American drug stores had a horribly inadequate selection of beard grooming products but Shoppers Drug Mart has reached a new low. At least the U.S. stores like CVS & Walmart made an attempt by putting a low quality products on their shelves that wouldn't work if you mixed them all together and painted them on your face like icing. There isn't even a any available on the website, look.

Canadian beard oil products at shoppers mart

I searched for "beard oil" and had to scroll to the bottom of the page to find anything I could even use on my face and I found these lovely little products (being sarcastic, never use these).

Why Is It So Hard To Find Quality Beard Products

To be honest I don't know, I would understand if this trend was fairly new and they were in the process of catching up but the beard market has been booming for a while now and major stores haven't made an attempt. It's not that hard to make a quality product in this niche that will help people so let's just call them lazy.

Where Are The Best Products

Online, that's why I started this site/blog, there are a ton of quality companies out there that make a product that really works. With that being said trust me, I've been at this game a long time and have weeded through the garbage products to find ones that really do make a difference and that aren't loaded with unnecessary fluff. I only stand behind products that have the best ingredients. Here's a little under the hood knowledge, I make money off affiliate sells from this site and there are a ton of companies that would gladly pay me a lot more to refer them people but there products are just worthless so I won't do it.

In conclusion, you get what you pay for so either listen to me or go do your own research and find an online company that knows how to make beard oil's or balm's and get it shipped to you, it's definitely worth the wait.

Minoxidil Beard Growth Before & After

Let's face it, men have been using this product for years but most of them probably didn't have a clue what the active ingredient actually was "minoxidil" they just threw some Rogaine on their faces and crossed their fingers. What they found out was that it works, specifically it's a vasodilator which like Viagra it was originally intended for reducing dangerously high blood pressure until they realized a pretty magical side effect... Hair Growth!

How Can This Help Me Grow a Beard?

Well let's get this simple fact straight, minoxidil doesn't magically grow hair nor does it make hair grow in places where there is no chance for it to grow. What it does is stimulates the actual hair follicle and either revive or as I like to say wake their ass up. Anyone who has ever artificially increased their testosterone will attest to this, you don't know how much hair you really have until you "wake it up". What it really means for beard hair is that given a consistent treatment plan and good conditions (healthy hair follicles) you're good to grow!

Why Are You Just Hearing About Minoxidil?

Plug in your favorite government conspiracy theory or the fact that they haven't figured out a way to make money off it but they disguise it as protecting us. It's not approved (FDA approved) in the USA as a topical facial cream for hair growth which they state is because there are no clinical trials that test the effectiveness and possible side effects using it this way. Which makes you wonder... why the hell not! Call me reckless but I've done it.

What About The Beard Products That Promote Growth?

They are full of sh*t, these products hide behind the fact that they promote healthier skin which in turn promotes hair growth, none of the actual ingredients are directly linked to growing more hair. Don't get me wrong, I believe that if you treat your skin good and keep it healthy you will have a healthier beard but I don't like to see claims that they work anywhere near as good as a minoxidil based product does.

What Are The Side Effects?

1. Bloating

2. Increased Heart Rate

3. Insomnia

4. Headaches

5. Dry Skin

6. Hair Loss

7. Hair Growth

I know what you're thinking, why the hell is hair loss & growth both side effects, in some rare cases people take up to two months to reap the benefits and their hair goes through a minor "shedding" phase. On average people begin to see results in as little as two weeks.

Yes! It most certainly does work. There are downsides to using this drug on your face; let's face it, it is a drug and we're not here to coddle anyone about it and its side effects. Some men have reported these side effects after using it topically on their face. Nobody has experienced all of them, rather this is a compilation of what you might be able to expect.

Let's get another thing straight that scared the hell out of me, the shedding process is very rare and it's a temporary process which is like re-sodding the lawn. I personally didn't see any side effects and I have sensitive skin, one time I scrubbed my body with my girlfriends sugar scrub and was covered in hives for two hours.

How To Apply Liquid Minoxidil

1. Wash your man face (Unscented soap is best)

2. Pull 1ml of solution into the dropper

3. Apply single drops to beard and areas you want to increase facial hair

4. Gently massage in the oil

5. Eat a sandwich

*You can repeat this process up to two times per day

How To Apply Foam Minoxidil

1. Wash your greasy man face (Unscented soap is preferred)

2. Make sure your hands are dry

3. Apply 1ml of foam on our hand (See directions for amounts)

4. Gently massage into beard and area you intend to grow facial hair

5. Eat a sandwich

*You can repeat this process up to two times per day

This is not a difficult process so don't screw it up, really I don't know how you would and if your're worried about not getting the proper amount then start with a smaller dose.

If you have any dryness because this is the only side effect that comes up with consistency from what I've seen, then find a lotion designed for your face. There are a ton of lady ones out there so just pick one of those up and don't be a creep and but Vaseline on your face.

I'm not a patient man so waiting two weeks for a beard to grow in thicker sounded like a kick to the D but my thought was "why not?". If in two weeks my beard was better great, if not then I didn't lose anything. I saw results in less that a week but that's not everyone.

How Long Should I Use Minoxidil

6 Months - 1 Year

Now this is a personal answer but it really depends on how much and how fast you see results. I'm someone who over does things so I used it for a while after it made a difference to make sure that "it stuck" because I didn't have a beard website to teach me this.

Don't worry, if your hair is now growing in spots you've never seen before then it's not going to just magically disappear after you stop taking it. If you're really freaked out (like I was) then just slowly tapper off of it. For example if you're using 1ml every day then cut it to .5ml for a month then in half again.

Beard Clipper Reviews

Best Beard Trimmer For Stubble - 2017 Review

We've all had those beard trimmers that do a decent job on the jaw and chin line but then you get to your neck and it seems like the only way to trim them to the right length is scratch yourself to death so I put together a list of the top 3 choices out there.

3 Best Stubble Beard Trimmers 2017


Wahl Lithium Ion
Image Via


The beauty of this one is that the attachments actually work, you're dealing with a trimmer that just happens to have other crap thrown in, kind like target and beard oil. I don't know about you but I've only wanted a nose trimmer on those days when I wake up and notice that it looks like there is a bush growing out of there over night. It's nice to have an attachment to throw on and clean that up. Shave is cleaner than most which I think has to do with the spacing and length of the ridges. My favorite part is that it doesn't grab and rip your neck, I've tried using on of those Costco kits in the past which was clearly made for you head and almost died.

2. Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men's Rechargeable Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer

Remington MB4040 Stubble Trimmer
Image Via

Blame Remington for the horrible image lighting, I wanted to show this one because you can see the quality of the attachment covers that come with it. They actually did something smart here and varied the spacing on the covers to work for guys with a very dense beard and those who have one that looks like it's made of wheat. I generally prefer having an adjustable length that's attached to the trimmer like this one instead of all those awful plastic pieces that I lose or step on and break when I'm half asleep.

3. TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit

TRYM 2 Rechargeable Clipper Kit
Image Via

I know what you're thinking, this thing comes with those funky ass plastic attachments but look at it, the damn thing is gorgeous. This is the kind of gift you get as a man that you actually like, I have used this in a bachelor party gift bag before and everyone rolled to the stripclub with one of these in their back pocket. I'm going to definitely have to add this to my list of best guy gifts. Shave is as clean as it looks.

What Does a Beard Brush Do?

Well the obvious answer is that  a Beard Brush is a professional tool that makes it possible to trim your beard with incredible precision but not all are created equally. There are three types of materials used to make a man brush and the best quality one's are made out of boars hair.

Three Types of Brush Fibers

1. Boars Hair

2. Horse Hair

3. Synthetic

What Are The Best Available Beard Brushes

Brand Type Image
ZilberHaar Regular Boars Hair Brush
Liberty Premium Grooming Co Regular Boars Hair Brush
CanYouHandleBar Circular Horse Hair Brush

Brushes alone won't tame or even maintain a wild beard, they are merely a tool used by professionals and people who want to take their beard to the next level. All brushes need to be packaged with a high quality beard oil product to optimize it's effectiveness.

Why We Don't Trust Amazon Reviews For Brush Quality

To give you a little insight into my world I'm an online marketer, now this should be obvious because who else would make a site about this other than someone who knows how to monetize it. The world of Amazon is a very easy one to game, while Google has done a great job at cleaning up the quality of their results but Amazon reviews are still very easy to game. So the moral of the story is trust me and no one else otherwise you'll probably have a weak beard and end up with man boobs.

Beard Oil CVS Review

What Beard Products CVS Actually Carries

Well I can't figure out who had the horrible idea of carrying this crapy brand first but one of these companies need to get a gold star for being the laziest kid in class. Not only does CVS carry terrible quality of bread products but they chose the same exact line as Walgreen's. Don't try to tell me that they had no choice because it's the hottest selling one on market because I've never heard of this goat piss in a bottle before I started reviewing these stores. I'm tempted to just send you to my Walgreen's beard oil review but I know Google wouldn't appreciate my lack of effort so I guess I'll just rant a little more on my disdain for this sh*t show (side note, who knew that disdain was spelled like that, took me 5 minutes to figure that out).

Product Use

Now as you can probably tell by the 6 grader artwork these products aren't worth even trying but I still like it's comical to point out that they tried to appeal to one of the most manly demographics in the world by putting a toad looking hipster on the front. I stated this in my other review but I still can't believe that they think by adding numbers to the product that it's going to trick anyone over the age of twelve. If that's the market they are targeting then they hit it, the rare freak of a 7th grader who has a full beard, by all means keep pushing CVS.

To check out any of my other jerky but honest reviews or to find out more about beard products as a whole visit Beard Oil Balm homepage.

Beard Oil Target - It's Complete Crap!

Target Beard Oil & Balm Review

Well look what we have here, another large corporation throws it's had into the "who can carry the crappiest beard oil race". We all know from my previous post that Walmart is clearly in the lead but let's dive into evil empire that is Target and see how they measure up. Something tells me just by the fact they are confused by their lady bathrooms and if I feel exhausted from eating a small cow that I can use the sit down to pee bathroom... This is going to be a close race.


Maestro's BalmAnother gem of a product, I almost fell for it with a logo that either resembles a husky Zeus or the guy from Fraiser but then I flipped it over. After I read that the product is recommended for dry, oily, regular and sensitive skin; I knew it was a crap product. I don't know about you but I've tried to use an ex's sugar scrub on the good ole private's and ended up fan drying them for 2 hours until the hives went down. Don't tell me that one product can work with all types and check out their "legitimate" review below (That's sarcasm just in case you missed it).

Maestro's Reviews


PacinosNow let's get into their flagship product, the front runner for below average on every level. Let's first start by reiterating that REAL beard oils don't come in recycled Loreal make bottles, they come in awesome little glass containers. I don't care how great your product is, by packaging it in something that is going to leak plastic toxins in it and decay at the first exposure to light you're telling me that I'm too stupid to know that you're skimping on your packaging. The fake reviewer on targets site comment at how great it smells, it's unscented and a horrible product. Next!


Bulldog Original ProductsI can't figure this one out, they go so lost in their branding campaign that they actually look like a product for dogs. So by all means if you have one of those dogs with the crazy dreadlocks then get this for them but don't put this junk on your face.


Now if you've learned anything from our time together then you know that the big box stores carry dumpster quality products. Your best bet is to go with every recommendation I make on men's facial hair products.

Beard Oil Walmart - Why It's Crap!

Walmart Beard Oil Review

Dear Sam Walton, I look forward to challenging you to a duel when I see you. I carry my face slapping glove in my back pocket for just the occasion. I thought Walgreen's did the piss poorest job possible at trying to help a man and his beard out but then you showed up.


First let's look at their exclusive beard oil Cremo Tea Tree Mintproduct with an awe inspiring name "Cremo". I don't know about you but with a name like that aren't you shaking in anticipation to put that crap on your face. Now, I'm the first one to look past some horrible flaw and see the real substance of something. Just not my more than medium husky ex who could make a mean meatball but who knows what the heck they are putting in this thing. They claim that they throw in a few quality ingredients but if you find out exactly how much there is in there before I do then feel free to reach out. My guess is that it's a drop of the good stuff and the rest is eal farts. This product's biggest claim and selling proposition is that it's not tested on animals, do you have any idea how hard it would be to test a product on an animal if you wanted to. You would basically have to buy a private island off the coast of Africa and breed your own genetically mutated species. Thanks but no thanks.

BB Super Grow With Vitamin E

BB Super Grow Hair ProductBut wait there's a late entry in the Walmart race for crappiest beard product. Now this particular gem is hard to find, made me feel like one of those weird Pokemon kids looking for the cat one that kicks everyones ass. I almost gave up until I accidentally tripped over it, they apparently made a nice display of it, or should I say they had one tub left sitting next to an aged gallon sized LA Looks. Now if you can't tell that this is just a bottle of shea butter with the packaging fingernail scrapped off and a beard balm sticker slapped on then I don't know what to tell you. By far the winner of all the loser products.

Go check out my post on shaving with a straight edge, you'll never use it but this link will help me rank better.

Beard Oil Walgreen's & Why It's Crap!

What Beard Oil They Actually Have in Store

Nice try Walgreen’s but I’m not falling for your lazy attempt at making a manly product. While you’ve been good to me in the past by supplying me with 3 choices of cereal on Christmas day when everything else was closed and I suddenly needed Fruity Pebbles (which you didn’t have – what kind of sociopath eats plain Cheerios…) this is the last straw.

These products are packaged in what I can only describe as a plastic diaper, the reason quality beard oil comes in a dark GLASS container is because it keeps the ingredients in their purest form longer and protects them from light damage.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Well it say’s 25 on it, has to be good right?”, nah. They just grabbed a small amount of ingredients that they thought everyone might want and added them to the true bulk of the mixture which is a cheap filler (shea butter or almond oil).

I challenge you to go down there and see for yourself on one condition, you smack the store manager for insulating us. Once you’re done with that then come back to my site (or get it over with now) and buy the one I recommend. I built this site for a reason, to save you from making the biggest man hair mistake of your life. My beard approves of this message.

Conditioner 25

Deep Conditioner 25

Wash 35

Daily Wash 35

Oil 25

Oil 25

Balm 25 Medium

Balm 25 Fine & Coarse