Why I Love This Brand

It took me a while to find my go to company, I was probably in the place you are now where you’ve bought a beard product from one of those big box stores and thought “why in the hell do people put this on their face”. Luckily I was pretty persistent because I knew that there was a good product out there even thought the crap I bought from Walgreen’s, Walmart and even some stuff on Amazon was basically just bottled paint thinner. I finally found Detroit Grooming CO just by accident and I immediately loved their story, these guys aren’t some get rich quick guys who hopped on the beard oil trend, they loved the process of making a quality product. They started out simply by trying to make the best quality beard oil & brush on the market and now they probably have one of the best product lines out there. I’m going to layout my favorite products so keep reading creep…

Ryan Kelly

Why I Love It

The reason I love this oil more than any other ones is because the shit works. Normally I would do a 4 week trial to make sure that I gave it enough time to kick in and see the full effects (this is with anything I try) but this stuff worked immediately. Now I’m a man so I’m not big on directions that comes with the genitals so I didn’t read them, still haven’t so I’m sure the way I use it isn’t the way you should traditionally but it works for me.

How I Use It

I just lather it on at night, comb it through and go to bed, my girlfriend has given me what she dubs “the bad pillow case” to use so I don’t mess up the ones that I bought… and since I’ve started doing this my beard is awesome. No longer does it feel like a bowl of shredded wheat super glued to a mans face like a kids dysfunctional art project. It’s smooth as hell!

I threw a banner at the bottom of the page because they have a hell of a lot more than just oil.

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