Best Beard Oil 2017 – Everything You Need To Know

Let me guess, you’re justing learning about this beard oil stuff and you are wondering what the hell it is. Good news is that I’m the expert, also I’m about as ornery and honest as your can get so if you came to learn about what products are the best and what makes a good product then you’re in the right place my new Internet friend.

If you’re anything like me when I was first researching this stuff, you probably think it’s just an excuse for someone to bottle up some olive oil they bought from Costco in bulk and sell it to you for a premium. While there are some shady bathtub brews out there that are a waste of time, there are a some real quality products as well. Trust me, I’ve been at this game a long time and I’ve weeded through the brands and found the hidden gems.

I’m also going to use this as an excuse to really go into incredible detail about what makes up a good beard oil. Partially to educate you but also because there is so much crap on the market I want to raise everyone’s standard. Also there is that demographic of people who want to DIY everything so by the time you’re done with this you can make your own home brew if you choose to.

Welcome to the ultimate beard oil web page, dive in!

What Is Beard Oil Made Of, What’s In Them?

Well it depends on where you buy them/the quality of product you buy. They are traditionally made of a specific formulation of essential oils that are infused with other scented oils to give the desired smell. That’s were you can get these concoctions like fresh lime, whiskey musk and apple pie just to name a few.

The problems arise when companies try to take shortcuts and use fillers in their products that aren’t typically used in beard care and often times will dry out your beard.

Why Is Beard Oil So Beneficial?

Different types of beard oils have been around for decades but only until recently have them become so popular. It has to do with science and style aligning at the same time. It’s fashionable to have a healthy beard so all the research has gone into making products that solve problems, everything from beard dandruff to hydration.

Let’s take dandruff for instance, a typical problem for most beards due to the coarse hair and skin dehydration.

Most men don’t realize that the itchy feeling that they experience when growing a beard is actually a sign of dry skin. Which is one of the main reasons men don’t like to grow facial hair past a certain point because when polled they on why they don’t grow their beards beyond a certain point there answer is “after a certain point it begins to irriated me”.

Let me show you exactly what’s happening to your pores

As your hair grows it demands more nutrients, this isn’t exclusive to beard growing, all life has this same growth curve.

The sebaceous glands at the root of your hair though never increase in size and can only secrete a specific amount of sebum oil (hydrating oil) per day. As you beard in length it begins to essential dehydrate due to the lack of sebum. Hence causing several side effects such as the dreaded “beard itch” but even more so than that it can also inhibit growth because the follicle is malnourished.

When Is It Necessary To Use Beard Oil’s?

For me the obvious answer is immediately, I don’t mean to overly hype the situation but if you’re anywhere in the process then you’re going to want to make sure your skin and hair follicle is in the best possible shape. There is no real way to know when your hair needs it because by the time it starts to itch it’s already too late.

This is where you get the facial dandruff, which are just flakes of dead skin.

This is why the beard oil and balm industry has taken off, now more than ever they understand how essential hydrating nutrients can be to the growing process.

It’s not simple a product to keep your hair silky smooth, there is a targeted treatment process behind every QUALITY beard oil.

Since the sebum oil is in limited supply the beard oil acts as a supplement to the sebaceous glands.

The best thing about beard oils today is that they are formulated in a way to work at the highest level. Full of natural oils from the earth but extracted at their highest levels.

Should I Use It If I Have Oil Skin & Acne?

Absolutely, this is one of the biggest misconceptions out there, that if you use an beard oil on your face then you will break out. This completely NOT TRUE, actually most essential oils that go into a beard product are selected because of their anit-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties so not only will it not cause acne but it will actually help to clear it up!

What Are Carrier Oils?

Well the name says it all, it’s really the foundation of any beauty product but when talking about beard oils specifically it’s the oil that makes up the majority of the product. Not only is it the transport of all other essential oils in the product but itself can be a benefit to your beard and skin.

Unless, you’re using a cheaper product found at traditional store like Walmart or Walgreens, most of their products are made with the cheapest possible carrier oil. This is usually a low grade coco butter.

Like I stated before all other hair and beauty products have this component and often times quality can be assessed by the carrier alone. It’s what separates a Paul Mitchell gel from L.A. looks if that gives you a better mental model.

The main reason why having a high quality carrier oil is so important is because it’s what actually hydrates the hair follicle and acts as the supplementation of sebum oil. Keeping a healthy hair follicle will also reduce the occurrence of split ends and ingrown hairs.
Here is my opinion on a couple key factors in making sure a product has a great carrier oil.

Recently there has been a rise in the use of jojoba oil which has some controversy behind it, it can also found under the name Simmondsia chinensis. While the product itself ins’t controversial the claims surrounding it are.

People say that it is the closest thing to your naturally produced oil which just simply isn’t true. While I will say it’s a good product, study’s show that there are plenty of carrier oils that have just as close of a genetic profile as jojoba.

Speaking of jojoba oil, if its your first ever time picking up a beard oil, we would highly recommend checking out a product that contains this carrier oil as its core ingredient.

Argan oil is another very popular oil that is used as a carrier that has identical effects of jojoba.

You will also hear a lot of hype on Jamaican black jojoba, let me shed a little light on the hype surrounding that product. While in theory it’s sounds great “an even purer form of jojoba oil” it just simply isn’t true. The clear versions of jojoba is actually the one with the higher quality extraction rate, the black version is only that way because ash is added to the formula and actually has a lower quality formula.

It’s my suggestion that you don’t believe the hype and make sure that your carrier is an important piece to a beard oil an not your exclusive daily routine.

What Are Essential Oils & Why Are They… Essential?

Now I know what you’re thinking, I’ve had a lady try to sign me up to that essential oil mlm, I know what these are. Well yes and no, they are those essential oils but these will actually benefit you.

There are thousands of essential oils but your will find a recurring theme among beard oil brands because there are some that are essential to making a good product.

Not only due they act as the scent behind a good beard oil (fresh lemon/lime, maple, even bacon) but they are effective in many different ways.

One of the concerns that most men who have never used a beard oil before is that they don’t wan to smell like a male jiggalo. This isn’t some cheap target cologne that will turn women off, these scents are mild and are a secondary benefit to the actual oils themselves.

You’re going to see a vast array of different options and I can only give you my recommendations (which I do at the bottom of this page) but in reality everyone is different, what smells good on you could smell awful on me. For instance if you have a very potent body smell in general then adding a dense musky beard oil will only make it worse so choose based on you.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

We talked about this a little earlier but one of the main reasons why essential oils are added to every beard oil product is because they have benefits all to themselves.

For instance a lot of them are anti-bacterial which anyone suffering from acne will tell you that it’s the best way to reduce and even cure nasty oil outbreaks.

One thing you’re going to want to take not of is the order of ingredients. Since most products won’t tell you the exact amount or even percentage per serving of each essential oil the order of the ingredients on the label will tell what the majority of the product is made of.

Most people don’t know this but by law companies have to list ingredients that make the majority of the solution from left to right. That’s why you see some products and the first ingredient is water or if you buy a sausage from Circle K the first ingredient is “mechanically separated chicken”. Obviously they don’t want to write this but they have to so use it as a guide.

If you are allergic to any essential oil then be sure to check to bottle for it’s ingredients, while it’s usually rare to have a bad reaction from beard oil because of the smaller concentrations of the essential oils it can happen so choose wisely.

Applying Beard Oil

More is definitely not better in this situation and I’m an extremist so this was a hard one for me to grasp.

Simply clean your face, which you should of already done in the shower and if you’re someone who showers before bed then change that. You’re 10 anymore, you can’t get away with showering the the before because you already smell when you wake up.

A gentle scrub of the beard will do but make sure you run your hands through your beard to scrub your face. This will help clear up and dead skin you have.

Dry your beard and face as completely as you can.

Add about 5 drops of beard oil to your finger tips and massage it into your skin, your goals is to get as much of it to the root of the hair as possible.

I like to throw a few more drops on my fingers and shine the beard itself afterwards but everyone is different.