The fact is that beards are never going away so learn how to get your beard to an epic status before natural selection kicks in and mother nature kills your weak ass.

Not only are beards still in style but the market as whole continues to grow, how else and why else do you think I would have an entire website dedicated to beard oil & balm’s. There is so much potential not only for marketing but a ton of useful products. How many times have you thought about a person and you were puzzled on what the hell to buy them. Well if they are a man then they have a beard and if they have one those then they are in desperate need of some sort of beard care product. Believe me I was total against them and thought that even if I like it then I still wouldn’t use because simply stated I know myself. But it turns out that I haven’t missed a day and it’s my favorite creeper conversation starter to ask a woman “Hey, smell my face”…. Normally a horrible idea but when you have an oil or balm on the response is always “Holy crap your face actually smells great”

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Take it from me beards aren’t going anywhere, in fact I would dare to say that it is almost a futuristic word (I don’t know what the heck I meant by that, I’m getting tired of writing).

Classic beard style for 2017

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