It’s every mans biggest fear, a borderline pandemic…

When Beard Growing Stops

The truth is that it Never Stops, you have obviously done something to mess up how manly your are. Start making a checklist to see if you have made any of these common man card taking mistakes:

my recommendations

1. Made a Checklist

Men don’t make checklists, you are only allowed to write your thoughts in three ways, in dirt with a sharp object, by peeing on a wall or by burning something.

2. Went On a Girly Diet

Have you recently been convinced by your girlfriend that you should stop eating meat and start being part of the solution. Then you have bigger issues then your beard, you have become what we in animal kingdom call a twerp. You should be reading this having whatever you’re currently eating drip blood on the keyboard.

3. Neglected Your Only Friend, BeardHow to keep a beard growing

If you haven’t bought a beard oil or balm product then what did you expect. Your beard can only carry you for so long before it needs you to step up and bring something to the relationship. No wonder your girlfriend wanted you to stop eating meat you selfish fool.

4. Cried

This one goes without saying, men don’t cry… we throw up out of our eyes.

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