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Does Shaving Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Is Shaving Making Your Beard Grow Even Faster?

Well I hate to break it to you and probably make you lose the bet you had with your friend about this but the answer is NO. 

There has never been any scientific evidence other than bro science that has been able to the frequency you cut your hair follicles and the increased speed of hair growth.

So why does it seem like this has to be true? Why did you probably bet shaving and beard growthyour life on this wide spread myth? Well it's probably because the arch of your maturity aligned with a decreased time between shaving intervals or simply, you went through puberty and thought holy crap I'm shaving more and more every year. The truth is body and facial hair take longer to mature than something easy to identify like your height for instance. It's easy to look back and remember you stopped growing in 7th grade but if you look back at the time and think you had a healthy beard then you're wrong. Go back and look in pictures and you'll be embarrassed for even calling the mess a beard.

Finally there are two ways that you can increase your beard growing rate, nutrition/supplementation and skin care.

Do Beards Grow Faster in Summer?

Beards Grow Faster During Summer!

For two simple reasons that might not be too obvious but they are 100% accurate and the reason why you are in fact more manly when it's hot out.

1. Increased Activity

Those scientific wizards in lab coats have proved several times over that when you are more active your body produces more testosterone. Now we can connect the dots from the, people are more generally more active in the summer. There are some rare cases where you have a great life and snowboard all day during the winter but that's an exception to the rule. We've all seen those lovely ladies at the gym who have tried their hand at using male hormones... testosterone increases body & beard hair!

2. Increased Blood Flow

This one is a little more obvious but any organ in your body that receives more blood flow becomes more active. The biggest organ in your body is no exception (that's your skin if you got lost or got distracted by my awesome writing style and started day dreaming about us playing poker.) as blood flow increase so does the ability for your capillaries to expand.

In conclusion, yes beards do in fact naturally rock harder & grow more in the summer. Summer Beard Growth


Straight Razor Beard Line Up

How To Style a Beard With a Straight Edge RazorStraight Edge Razor

As you will learn using a straight edge razor is an art but don’t let that detour you from creating the stylish look you want. It just takes practice and time to get used to the techniques you’ll need to create the perfect look every time. I attached three of what I feel are the most helpful videos on using a straight razor.

Beard Oil Near Me

Where You Can Find Beard Oil Near You!

1. Walgreens

2. Target

3. Walmart

4. Macy's

5. CVS

While beard oils are growing in popularity you're here because you ran into the same problem that I didn't, where in the hell do I buy them... While the best quality beard products are online you've made it to this point because you're just as impatient as I am and you're willing to buy a less than steller product locally and buy one online to get the best of both worlds. The instant gratification and a better product on the way!

Above is a list of stores that at the time I found ACTUALLY had the products in the store and not an only available on the web trick.

Is Beard Oil Flammable?

Can Using Beard Oil Increase The Chances Your Beard Lights on Fire?

The simple answer is NO, now there are some exceptions to this rule but for the most part most quality beard oils are not made in an alcohol or flammable based liquid. Now I can't say you won't come across some homemade oil that a guy made in his tub that he thought would be a great product to sell and mixed it with some hair spray or something moronic but that's the exception not the norm.

This is a real concern, imagine you're rocking a giant beard and you happen to run a torch all day or you're welding a MAN project together, don't you think you might want to know that your beard is safe and not a nightly news story ready to happen.

Good news is, your're fine. Most brands will actually moisturize and in fact create an awesome beard that is less likely to burn like a dried bush.  Visit our home page for other beard articles.

How To Make Beard Oil At Home – DIY Your Beard

Creating Your Own Beard Oil 

Here is a simple recipe you can follow that will get you the commercial quality at a discount or as they say "champaign on a beer budget"


  1. 1/2 ounce almond oil

  2. 1/2 ounce jojoba oil

  3. 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil

  4. 5 drops vitamin E oil

  5. 5 drops cedarwood oil

  6. Small glass bottle preferably with an eye dropper top


I'm going to keep this as simple as possible, mix them all together and BAM! You have your beard oil, order really doesn't matter since we are not baking a cake. Even if order did matter I would still tell you to mix them this way, it's the MAN way to make a beard oil. Visit our home page for more beard related content.



Hobo Beard Oil Review – Quality or Crap?

Does Hobo Make a Good Beard Oil & Balm?

Hobo Beard OilHobo has done a great job of getting some of the best ingredients that you would want in a oil & balm without the greasy side effect that you can sometimes get from mixing oils. Like any product that contains jojoba and almond oil you can guarantee that you will love the way your beard feels after the first time you oil up. While they lack the extensive selection that some of the other top companies have don't let that scare you away, it's been my experience that sometimes the quality gets lost when a company's pure focus is increasing the quantity of products so they appeal to a larger market. Hobo Beard Oil Bundle Pack

Bundle Your Beard Products

With one of the least expensive bundle/holiday packs you can appreciate the fact that they
don't up charge you per product when you buy one of their bulk packs. As you learned in our article on beard oil for hair growth a bundle pack is a perfect solution for anyone wanting to create a face that is ripe for growing the best beard on the block. Especially with the quality of ingredients that Hobo puts into each of their products.


Do Beard Oils Help Growth

Can a Beard Oil Really Help Hair Grow?

While this falls under the "As Seen On Tv" side of the internet and products but there is some truth to this claim. While a particular formula or serum won't 10x your hair growth it can directly contribute to how fast your Paul Bunion style beard grows. Just like tending to a garden, the quality of your soil dictates the harvest. The same goes for the act of growing a beard that will raise your clout and have women consistently throw themselves at for the narly beard you are sporting.

What Ingredients Are Important For Promoting Hair Growth?

1. Eucalyptus Oil

  • A great anti-inflammatory as well as an antibacterial which makes a must for any DIY beard oil formula you make because it creates a great environment for growth.

2. Coconut Oil

  • Really? Yes, coconut oil is one of the best ingredients to have in a balm or oil product, it is an amazing way to cure any itchy or cracked skin that can come from having an overgrown MAN sized beard.

3. Vitamin E Oil

  • An awesome addition that has been linked to nourishing the skin and also have been linked to holding off father time by delaying the aging process.

In conclusion, Can you grow your beard faster than the average man... Yeah, eat a 10lb steak a day and add these oils to your beard on a daily basis and watch your beard hit the floor. For more information on beard oil products visit our home page.


How Long Does Beard Oil Last

How Long Does A Bottle of Beard Oil Typically Last?

Drops Per Day Bottle Will Last Use
3 6 Months + Daily
5 3 Months Daily
10 1.5 Months Daily
15 30 Days Daily
It all depends on your need and frequency of use, if you just started growing a beard then you can use it sparingly to keep your hair healthy as it grows but If you have a grizzly beard that could conceal a small weapon then you're going to need to load up. Your daily amount should be relatively high in the beginning to get that monster beard under control.

How Long Does Beard Oil Last On Your Hair?

The typical person see's the effect and invigorating aroma of Beard oil last anywhere from 3 - 5 Hours after application. If this is your first time using it or your facially hair is fairly dry you will notice the oil get absorbed into your hair and skin at a quicker rate. This is a great, this means your body is taking in all the nutrients and essential oils that it needs to produce a healthier MAN beard.

Can You Use Beard Oil On Your Hair

While it's not recommended for everyone using it on your hair does have it's benefits. With the various types and oil consistencies on the market you will definitely be able to find the best mix of style and consistency for you. I'm going to reiterate consistency because if you have a history of easily clogged pours that will irritate or obstruct the hair follicle from growing then you're going to want to stick with a lighter base. This means staying away from any beard balm and using a lighter oil base product.

Some specific oil blends are formulated to not only be used as a dual use product but also promote hair growth with the active ingredients and essential oil combinations they are made with.

Essential Oils That Are Great For Your

1. CypressBeard Oil For Your Hair

Good for strengthening capillaries and increasing overall blood flow.

2. Rosemary

Great for overall dandruff treatment and decreasing a person with oily skin.

3. Carrot Seed Oil

A great detoxifying agent that pulls toxins from the skin.

4. Cedar Wood

Another great dandruff aid and it has been know to work miracles on hair loss

Applying To The Scalp

As the saying goes, a "dab will do you". Even if the hair on your head runs thicker than the average man you will only need a few drops to get the full effect of the oils. It's not used to lather the scalp but simply make a fine coat on the hair to add nourishment and reap the style benefits!

In conclusion, not only are you going to love the way your beard looks and feels but you will have just as much enjoyment putting it on your head.