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Beard Competition

Wait little me reiterate that and give this it's due justice. It's not just a beard competition, it's the...

National Beard and Moustache Championships®

That's a better. Now, do you think you're ready to put your beard up against the best in the world because these guys don't mess around. When you get sponsored just because you have an epic beard then you're on a whole other level. For more information follow the link after the spinet below about last years competition.


The Just For Men® National Beard and Moustache Championships®

https://www.nationalbeardchampionships.comThe 2016 National Beard and Moustache Championships took place on Labor Day Weekend in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.  Beardsmen from around the country competed for the prestigious national titles at the historic Ryman Auditorium, famous as the home of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974.


What is Aftershave


Aftershave is product applied to the skin after a shave (typically liquid based). The active ingredient is a antiseptic which helps in the prevention of an infection from cuts suffered due to shaving. They typically contain a type of astringent which has the ability to shrink pores and reduce excess oil.

Alright now that we've gotten done with that dry nonsense let's get into the nitty gritty of it and why it's actually important.

What It Really Does?

If you're anything like I was then your first thought of aftershave was something your dad used that smelled way too strong (probably Polo) and didn't initially make it into your shaving routine. It wasn't until I got more and more into beards that I really took another look at after shave balm to see if It could make it's way into my starting line up (daily routine).

I found out that it had two main benefits that I was looking for that I briefly spoke about above.

First, the astringent, I don't break out very often but when I do it's one of those deadly neck ingrown hairs. The kind that look like it's about to blink at your and it basically eats the entire hair and takes you a month to find. The beauty of  a good astringent is that it helps with this by shrinking the pore itself and cleaning out excess oils. Since I've been regular on my after shaving routine I haven't had one of these.

Second, although I have never had an infection from shaving I have had a friend who got one and I'm not going to play with that mess. He ended up getting an abscess and if you know anything about them then I've said enough.

Usually I like my products to be fairly natural and not alcohol based but when I'm trying to kill possible bacteria I say screw it, I would pour whiskey on face if it worked better.


Natural AftershaveNatural Aftershave With Tea Tree Oil

I reached out to my favorite beard oil company to see what alternative they had because my face was getting too dry because of the alcohol in the after shave and this is what I got! They sent me a bottle of their tea tree beard oil and advised me to use it just like an aftershave.

If you know anything about tee tree oil it's by far the most effective astringent that's not alcohol based. I just wanted to throw this little nugget in just in case someone is looking for an effective natural alternative, I'll continue explaining aftershave now.

Simple Step Process On How To Use Aftershave

Step 1 - Preparation 
Immediately after shaving rinse your face with cold water, this will do two important things. First, it will wash away any loose hair and excess shaving cream which can cause irritation. Secondly,  it will close your pores limiting the exposure time your open pores have to dirt and bacteria.

Make sure you wash your face to the point where you can no longer feel any leftover shaving product.

Make sure you use a clean towel and completely dry your face.

Step 2 - Application 
Measure out a thumbnail sized drop for your face, add an additional thumbnail sized drop of you shaved your neck as well.

Start by patting your face neck applying it evenly until it's spread evenly.

Massage in from the cheeks down to ensure that you're face get's the attention first. If you're skin is overly dry you will need to add an additional few drops of your brand of aftershave and repeat the process again.



A creep for beards, typically found in the wild in the form of a woman from the ages of 20-45 years old.

See additional information on Beards.


Women’s Opinion on Beards

I thought about polling women and setting up a well thought out unbiased experiment but you and I know both know the truth, women love beards. I've never met a women who said they didn't like or prefer it, I'm sure you could find some hipster 20 year old women who want their man to look like a chick, shaved down with skinny jeans on but real women prefer the bush...

Here's a Lesson on How Not To Be

Women's opinion on Beards and Body Hair in Misc Stuff Forum want to marry a woman that likes me hairy everywhere. The only area I consider shaving/trimming is my back (if/when I get back hair). My mom hates beards, back hair, and butt hair. She loves head hair, chest hair, arm hair, and leg hair. My dad had a mustache until I was two. My mom encouraged him to shave it, because it was multicolored. I wish he had kept it. She says ALL women hate beards. I DON'T believe her. She encourages, but does not force me to shave. DON'T WORRY, I won't shave. She has no idea that I will grow a yeard someday. I don't care if she hates beards.

Are there some women that prefer beards that are over 1 year length?
Do some women like untrimmed chest hair?
What about back hair?

I don't mean to call out some poor kid from a random thread but if you're searching for what women think then you've started in the wrong place. Women love confidence, if you're asking Google what the hell they like then you need to focus on you and becoming the MAN a women would like. Everything superficial is just an elaborate net to catch something good but if you're insecure about anything, even the way your beard looks to someone else then you're going to scare her away when she finds out how much of a mess you are.

Moral of the story, women love beards it's a fact. Ask Moses. If you want more awesome articles visit our Beard advice & reviews.

Are Beards in Style 2017

The fact is that beards are never going away so learn how to get your beard to an epic status before natural selection kicks in and mother nature kills your weak ass.

Not only are beards still in style but the market as whole continues to grow, how else and why else do you think I would have an entire website dedicated to beard oil & balm's. There is so much potential not only for marketing but a ton of useful products. How many times have you thought about a person and you were puzzled on what the hell to buy them. Well if they are a man then they have a beard and if they have one those then they are in desperate need of some sort of beard care product. Believe me I was total against them and thought that even if I like it then I still wouldn't use because simply stated I know myself. But it turns out that I haven't missed a day and it's my favorite creeper conversation starter to ask a woman "Hey, smell my face".... Normally a horrible idea but when you have an oil or balm on the response is always "Holy crap your face actually smells great"

Take it from me beards aren't going anywhere, in fact I would dare to say that it is almost a futuristic word (I don't know what the heck I meant by that, I'm getting tired of writing).

Classic beard style for 2017

When Does a Beard Stop Growing

It's every mans biggest fear, a borderline pandemic...

When Beard Growing Stops

The truth is that it Never Stops, you have obviously done something to mess up how manly your are. Start making a checklist to see if you have made any of these common man card taking mistakes:

1. Made a Checklist

Men don't make checklists, you are only allowed to write your thoughts in three ways, in dirt with a sharp object, by peeing on a wall or by burning something.

2. Went On a Girly Diet

Have you recently been convinced by your girlfriend that you should stop eating meat and start being part of the solution. Then you have bigger issues then your beard, you have become what we in animal kingdom call a twerp. You should be reading this having whatever you're currently eating drip blood on the keyboard.

3. Neglected Your Only Friend, BeardHow to keep a beard growing

If you haven't bought a beard oil or balm product then what did you expect. Your beard can only carry you for so long before it needs you to step up and bring something to the relationship. No wonder your girlfriend wanted you to stop eating meat you selfish fool.

4. Cried

This one goes without saying, men don't cry... we throw up out of our eyes.

Check out our post on how to shave like a man - straight edge razor shaving.