Beard Competition

Wait little me reiterate that and give this it's due justice. It's not just a beard competition, it's the...

National Beard and Moustache Championships®

That's a better. Now, do you think you're ready to put your beard up against the best in the world because these guys don't mess around. When you get sponsored just because you have an epic beard then you're on a whole other level. For more information follow the link after the spinet below about last years competition.


The Just For Men® National Beard and Moustache Championships®

https://www.nationalbeardchampionships.comThe 2016 National Beard and Moustache Championships took place on Labor Day Weekend in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.  Beardsmen from around the country competed for the prestigious national titles at the historic Ryman Auditorium, famous as the home of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974.


Beard Baubles

This is a new one for me, I'm usually not sitting there cross eyed for ten minutes trying to figure out "what the f". Well not since glitter beards but this one is a little different because of how popular they are.

In essence we are talking about turning your man sized beard into a miniature Christmas tree. I'll admit since the Christmas is my favorite time of year this sparked my interest but I can't see a reasonable opportunity to rock this. Unless you were knew you were going to get fired so you showed up to your holiday part obliterated and covered in these things just to be obnoxious. Now that I can get on board with.

Guy with beard baubles
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Where To Buy Beard Baubles

There are several options, everything from amazon to niche websites just for these. I suggest you do some research on the material they are made with because you're probably going to be drunk enough to fall on your face or get punched in it to wear these. Make sure that it's a shatter proof plastic, you don't want to end up on that show "craziest ways to die" from a beard bauble laceration.

How To Glitter Beard

Glitter beard kit
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If you're anything like me then you're just hearing about this new trend. I'm not one to troll around Instagram all looking for the latest and greatest things so I'm a little behind on this, It wasn't until a lady friend of mine ask me if I've heard about "glitter beards".

I'm always looking for a way to give people the content they are looking for and if I played for the other team (demographic mostly associated with this trend) then I'd glitter the hell out of my beard too so here's a little guide on how to do it as well as some history behind how it came about.

Glittering Your Beard In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Clean Your Beard

This thing is going to get funky after a while of wearing it and you're going to feel like you're wearing a pile of dirt rather than glitter unless you throughly clean it first.

Step 2 - Apply Beard Oil

If you've never done this before then just follow the advice I give on my best beard oil 2017 review page. The only difference is that you're going to dowse your beard and make sure that every place you want glitter is damp.

Step 3 - Apply Glitter

There are two ways you're going to need to apply this, first start by tilting your head back and sprinkling it with glitter, this will give you a good base. Then depending on how thick you want the coverage you'll need to lightly pat handful's of glitter into your beard and mustache.

the beard glittering trend
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It's really that simple, I would love to tell you that there is an art to it but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to glitter something, just crazy enough to do it!

Why Would You Ever Want To Do This?

If you're not "playing for the other team" then you're probably wondering why you would ever want to do this right? Well let me give you a real life example of how you could use this.

After a long night of wandering the streets with friends I come home to the typically accusation "You went to the strip club!" due to a piece of glitter on my shirt. If you've ever been to old town Scottsdale then you've seen the bottle service comes with giant poppers that cover you in glitter so rather than fight the good fight I just let it go.

The following time I went out with friends I planned a heard and stocked up at Michael's that morning. Before returning home in a state of liquid courage I stopped by one of the guy's houses and put on a full glitter beard.

As you can guess my statement "Look honey, I went to the Stripclub and they really like me there" went over well, what a fun relationship that was.

The last thing I'll say is make sure you use glitter, don't use random types of cereal in your beard. Good day!

zach galifianakis beard
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Short Beard Styles

Looking for the most up to date list of the best beard styles in 2017 then you've come to the right place and if you're here by mistake then you are also welcome because you probably need to fix that dysfunctional thing you call a beard.

Short Beard Styles


Classic look best made by a trimmer rather then just growing it out. stubble beard
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Thick Sideburns w/ Stubble

Sideburns are longer than your short stubble beard. think sideburns stubble beard
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Lined Stubble

Using strait razor you line up your cheeks. lined stubble beard
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No Maintenance

The lazy man look, this is just going completely unmaintained as it grows. lazy beard
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Blended Cheek

Using the correct guard, trim towards the floor, making the cheeks hair thinner than the chin. blended cheek beard
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"Tony Stark"
Disconnected goatee, you'll need to shave a sport between your mustache and chin. balbo beard tony stark
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Chin Curtain

Clean shaved face with chin hair only which can be long or short. curtain beard
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Full facial hair with the chin completely shaved. muttonchops
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Goat Patch

Man-sized version of the soul patch. goat patch beard
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Horseshoe Mustache

"Hulk Hogan Mustache"
The ultimate American symbol, goatee with the chin shaved off. Horseshoe moustache
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Old school cut used to scare kids, only grow out your neck hair and shave the rest. neckbeard
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Pencil Mustache

A thin mustache that you make by using a razor to thin to your liking. pencil moustache
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Straight sideburns. sideburns elvis
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Soul Patch

Can be clean shaved or with stubble. soul patch
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Toothbrush Mustache

Only keep the mustache hair under your nose and shave the rest. toothbrush moustache
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Van Dyke beard

Grow a long chin beard and shave a gap between your mustache to break the goatee. van dyke beard
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Walrus Mustache

"Sam Elliott"
Overgrown mustache that would be impossible to eat with. walrus moustache
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The Zappa

Thick soul patch with a full mustache. the zappa
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5 O'Clock Shaddow

How you look 12 hours after shaving. 5 o clock shaddow

Classic Short

Short cut with the same length all around. classic short beard
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Chin Strap w/ Mustache

Line the cheeks to make them thinner and complete with a full mustache. chin strap with mustache
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Classic chin hair attached to mustache. goatee
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Pencil Goatee

Using a razor thin the size of the entire goatee. pencil goatee
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Patchy Goatee

Regular goatee with stubble. patchy goatee
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Short & Thick

Very dense short cut with the same length. short thick beard
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Outlined Beard

Low lined cheeks, use a razor to do this. outlined beard
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Grizzly Short

Unmaintained and textured with a product. grizzly short
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Handlebar Mustache w/ Stubble

Thick or thin handlebar with stubble. handlebar mustache with stubble
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The Fade

Fade hair cut that blends into the beard of any size. fade beard
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Full face that is disconnected from the sideburns. Hollywoodian style Beard
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What is Aftershave


Aftershave is product applied to the skin after a shave (typically liquid based). The active ingredient is a antiseptic which helps in the prevention of an infection from cuts suffered due to shaving. They typically contain a type of astringent which has the ability to shrink pores and reduce excess oil.

Alright now that we've gotten done with that dry nonsense let's get into the nitty gritty of it and why it's actually important.

What It Really Does?

If you're anything like I was then your first thought of aftershave was something your dad used that smelled way too strong (probably Polo) and didn't initially make it into your shaving routine. It wasn't until I got more and more into beards that I really took another look at after shave balm to see if It could make it's way into my starting line up (daily routine).

I found out that it had two main benefits that I was looking for that I briefly spoke about above.

First, the astringent, I don't break out very often but when I do it's one of those deadly neck ingrown hairs. The kind that look like it's about to blink at your and it basically eats the entire hair and takes you a month to find. The beauty of  a good astringent is that it helps with this by shrinking the pore itself and cleaning out excess oils. Since I've been regular on my after shaving routine I haven't had one of these.

Second, although I have never had an infection from shaving I have had a friend who got one and I'm not going to play with that mess. He ended up getting an abscess and if you know anything about them then I've said enough.

Usually I like my products to be fairly natural and not alcohol based but when I'm trying to kill possible bacteria I say screw it, I would pour whiskey on face if it worked better.


Natural AftershaveNatural Aftershave With Tea Tree Oil

I reached out to my favorite beard oil company to see what alternative they had because my face was getting too dry because of the alcohol in the after shave and this is what I got! They sent me a bottle of their tea tree beard oil and advised me to use it just like an aftershave.

If you know anything about tee tree oil it's by far the most effective astringent that's not alcohol based. I just wanted to throw this little nugget in just in case someone is looking for an effective natural alternative, I'll continue explaining aftershave now.

Simple Step Process On How To Use Aftershave

Step 1 - Preparation 
Immediately after shaving rinse your face with cold water, this will do two important things. First, it will wash away any loose hair and excess shaving cream which can cause irritation. Secondly,  it will close your pores limiting the exposure time your open pores have to dirt and bacteria.

Make sure you wash your face to the point where you can no longer feel any leftover shaving product.

Make sure you use a clean towel and completely dry your face.

Step 2 - Application 
Measure out a thumbnail sized drop for your face, add an additional thumbnail sized drop of you shaved your neck as well.

Start by patting your face neck applying it evenly until it's spread evenly.

Massage in from the cheeks down to ensure that you're face get's the attention first. If you're skin is overly dry you will need to add an additional few drops of your brand of aftershave and repeat the process again.