How Long Does Beard Oil Last

How Long Does A Bottle of Beard Oil Typically Last?

Drops Per Day Bottle Will Last Use
3 6 Months + Daily
5 3 Months Daily
10 1.5 Months Daily
15 30 Days Daily
It all depends on your need and frequency of use, if you just started growing a beard then you can use it sparingly to keep your hair healthy as it grows but If you have a grizzly beard that could conceal a small weapon then you're going to need to load up. Your daily amount should be relatively high in the beginning to get that monster beard under control.

How Long Does Beard Oil Last On Your Hair?

The typical person see's the effect and invigorating aroma of Beard oil last anywhere from 3 - 5 Hours after application. If this is your first time using it or your facially hair is fairly dry you will notice the oil get absorbed into your hair and skin at a quicker rate. This is a great, this means your body is taking in all the nutrients and essential oils that it needs to produce a healthier MAN beard.

Beard Oil For Your Hair

Can You Use Beard Oil On Your Hair

While it's not recommended for everyone using it on your hair does have it's benefits. With the various types and oil consistencies on the market you will definitely be able to find the best mix of style and consistency for you. I'm going to reiterate consistency because if you have a history of easily clogged pours that will irritate or obstruct the hair follicle from growing then you're going to want to stick with a lighter base. This means staying away from any beard balm and using a lighter oil base product.

Some specific oil blends are formulated to not only be used as a dual use product but also promote hair growth with the active ingredients and essential oil combinations they are made with.

Essential Oils That Are Great For Your

1. CypressBeard Oil For Your Hair

Good for strengthening capillaries and increasing overall blood flow.

2. Rosemary

Great for overall dandruff treatment and decreasing a person with oily skin.

3. Carrot Seed Oil

A great detoxifying agent that pulls toxins from the skin.

4. Cedar Wood

Another great dandruff aid and it has been know to work miracles on hair loss

Applying To The Scalp

As the saying goes, a "dab will do you". Even if the hair on your head runs thicker than the average man you will only need a few drops to get the full effect of the oils. It's not used to lather the scalp but simply make a fine coat on the hair to add nourishment and reap the style benefits!

In conclusion, not only are you going to love the way your beard looks and feels but you will have just as much enjoyment putting it on your head.